Vital Pathways, a 501(C)3 organization established in 1994 whose purpose is to improve quality of life in our communities, will be awarding a Community Project Mini Grant with a maximum award of up to $1000.  The grant may be divided into multiple awards based on proposals received. The request for proposals are released in April and Due in May. See downloadable document for more information.

Municipal governments and organizations within the following towns are eligible to apply: Amity, Cary Plantation, Hammond Plantation, Hodgdon, Houlton, Houlton Band of Maliseet, Linneus, Ludlow, Monticello, Littleton, Orient, Haynesville, and New Limerick.

This year’s mini grant will support the organization that addresses a need in the community that promotes safety, health, and wellness in our communities.  Great consideration will be given to the quality and completeness of the grant’s application.

A typed explanation of your project, not to exceed one-page addressing each of the items listed.

  • Clearly explain your proposed project. 
  • Provide the contact information for the individual responsible for the project implementation. (name, mailing address, telephone, email address) 
  • Explain any additional support for this project and how this project will be sustainable.
  • Include a budget detailing the funding requested.  Clearly state the funding amount requested up to $500. Funds must be spent by May 24, 2022 and final reports are due at this time.

Applications should be mailed to Vital Pathways, PO Box 1437 Houlton, ME 04730. For further information email Vital Pathways Chairperson, Joe Fagnant at 

VP is here to assist you with your project. We have been awarding mini grants to organizations in our municipalities we serve so projects can be tackled and completed in a short amount of time.