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Nonprofit: Vital Pathways

Based in Houlton, Maine

Founding date: July 4, 1994

Website: vitalpathways.org

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Recent Projects

  • The Riverfront Park Project
  • Trails planning
  • Backpacks 4 Kids
  • Golf for Life

“Golf for Life” is our latest initiative, where we help people with disabilities and unprivileged kids learn to play golf

Early history

Vital Pathways was formed in 1994 when Houlton was selected as one of five sites in the state of Maine to be designated as a “Healthy Community”. We have a broad definition of health which goes beyond the “medical model” to include education, environment, technological and economic development, and recreation. Vital Pathways is based in Houlton and serves eleven towns in Aroostook County, located in northern Maine. Our board of twelve meets once a month. We are recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization.

What We Do

Vital Pathways develops and supports healthy communities in Northern Maine. Some of our major programs include food campaigns for hungry kids and maintaining healthy spaces within the community.



Board of Directors


Louise Beaulieu

Joe Fagnant
Vice Chair

Audrey York

Dan Jacobs

Greg Palmer
Board Member

Marie Carmichael
Board Member

Chris Collins
Board Member